USDA Loans

The American dream of home ownership has become more difficult as families struggle to come up with the 20% down payment that many conventional home loans require. With the USDA loan, many are still able to get a zero down home loan.

Only certain areas throughout the St. Louis area are eligible so please contact HomeKey Mortgage for information on affordable loan options.

Do I Qualify for a USDA Loan?

In the past USDA Loans were often call "farmers loans" but times have changed. A portion of the St. Louis area looking to purchase a new construction home can qualify for a USDA loan. Eligibility varies based on area, your income, credit history, and number of dependents claimed so it's important that you call and speak with one of our home loan experts to see if you qualify.

  • No down payment required, zero down home loans
  • You can have lower monthly payments with terms up to 38 years
  • Low or no PMI
  • Flexible qualifications
  • Low closing costs